Attention: What I’m about to share with you CAN help you become more open and honest with yourself and others, improve your self-esteem and sense of personal fulfillment, find and accept your greatness, and help you create the loving, thriving, joyous relationships and life you desire…

TRANSFORM YOUR RELATIONSHIPS – with Others and with YOURSELF – by Accessing a Proven, Reliable, and Repeatable Personal-Growth System that ACTUALLY WORKS!

From the Desk of Sherry Gaba

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Question MarkYou find it difficult to be open and honest in close relationships and/or put others’ needs above your own.
    What if, instead of hiding your truth, you could learn to speak it, become more authentic and assertive, initiate action, and make sure your own needs are met?
  • Question MarkYou find it difficult, if not impossible, to listen to other people’s problems without trying to help… sometimes even feeling responsible and guilty for their feelings. What if you could easily distinguish between healthy care-giving and codependent care-taking and feel so comfortable and confident about your own path that you could help others while never again feeling responsible or guilty for something you didn’t do?
  • Question MarkYour partner and you routinely get into arguments revolving around blaming each other for your own feelings and/or get defensive when the other person shares his or her feelings. What if you could improve your communication skills, your sense of self, and your own emotional boundaries so that you feel safe to express your true feelings without fear of criticism or rejection?
  • Question MarkYou often feel anxiety about things you can’t control, such as being separated from your partner (even for short periods) or being alone. What if you could learn the value and joy of being your own best friend, develop your own passions and interests, and feel both peaceful and truly happy regardless of external circumstances or whether you’re with someone or by yourself?
  • Question MarkYou feel a need to control others and/or the need to be in control of your own relationships and life (possibly even using addictive behaviors as a means of escaping your need to be in control). What if you could learn to take responsibility for your own behaviors and let go of the need to take responsibility for the actions of others, and learn to accept that things are perfectly fine even when they’re far from perfect?!?
  • Question MarkYou’re not taking action and doing what you want and need to do for whatever reason (denial, guilt, worry, fear, just plain negative thinking) to create the change you seek – AND you desperately want to rid yourself of those obstacles and move forward with optimism and confidence. What if you could make the relationships and life of your dreams REAL, NOW?
  • Question MarkYou constantly feel unsettled because you don’t know which step to take next to really move in the direction of your dreams. What if there was a system for determining which path best fit your dream – or for creating the perfect path for you? What if you could get personalized, step-by-step instruction for dissolving your blocks and changing your behavior so you could move forward and create the relationships and life you desire?

I’ve got GREAT news for you –
You Are In The Right Place, Right Now!

Welcome to the NEW Wake Up Recovery Program and Community!

My name is Sherry Gaba, and I’m known as one of the world’s leading teachers on Attracting Positive Energy for a Powerful Recovery. With your permission, allow me to share some of my codependency counseling, psychotherapy, and recovery coaching credentials…

Sherry Gaba, LCSW

I’m a Licensed Psychotherapist and Certified Recovery and Transformation Coach who’s helped thousands of people cope with lifelong addictions and codependency, both in my private practice in Westlake Village, CA, and via phone and Skype with people around the world.

Dr. Drew Pinsky

I’ve shared my expert addiction advice on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s Celebrity Rehab show on VH1 (a big dream of mine!) and later on the spin-off, VH1’s Sober House, as well as Celebrity Rehab’s Sex Addiction, CNN, Inside Edition, The Bio Channel, Showbiz Tonight, and numerous other stations and programs.

Recovery Today

I’ve co-hosted a radio show, am often requested to speak in person at national conferences and on global internet teleseminars, and I’m the editor of Recovery Today magazine and host of the online conference “Recovery Today Series.”

Books by Sherry Gaba

I am also the award-winning author of The Law of Sobriety: Attracting Positive Energy for a Powerful Recovery and the best-selling author of The Marriage and Relationship Junkie: Kicking Your Obsession.

I’m not telling you this to brag. I’ve been where you are. I’ve hit rock bottom. I’ve struggled with relationships. I’ve thrown thousands upon thousands of dollars on coaching schemes and self-improvement systems that haven’t paid off. And more!

I’ve experienced utter failure – both in my professional and personal life – and fought back from it on more than one occasion. And I’ve experienced ultimate success. If I can do it, so can you.

To be perfectly clear… What I’m sharing with you today doesn’t just come from my professional experience attending countless programs, workshops, and seminars on codependency. I speak to you as someone who’s been there.

I loved an addict and my life became completely unmanageable for years, even with all that professional knowing of what was best for me. My ex-husband’s addiction had a profound effect on me and took me to some dark places including health issues like shingles, losing my hair, and, most importantly, I lost time, a lot of precious time.

And then I had a moment of clarity, reached my emotional bottom, and finally woke up!

I dove deeper into my understanding of codependency and how it had effectively shut down my life. That was the pivotal inspiration that lead me to creating the Wake Up Recovery program. I so desperately wanted to help others wake up to their own lives and release those trauma bonds that keep us stuck in codependent relationships and behaviors.

Now, I can honestly say I have moved forward, let go, and released those codependent bonds… I’ve been able to make better choices, create better boundaries, and live my life consciously and truly awake.

Let me assure you that your past does NOT define you.

You CAN change your relationships and your life story at any time. Anyone, no matter where they are, has the power to meet seemingly insurmountable odds to transform their dreams into reality.

I know firsthand… Because I’ve helped countless people do precisely this…

Are you ready to reclaim your relationships and your life and achieve the greatness you know, deep down, exists inside of you?

I’m here to show you HOW you can do it, without compromising your values as you achieve success, no matter how dark things look right now.

What’s my secret? Making sure everything I teach and everything I do is rooted in the Invisible, Universal Laws of Success.

This is an absolutely critical component in clarifying exactly what you want, in going after it, and in achieving it.

In fact, unleashing The Universal Laws of Success is the best way to unlock more joy, self-worth, and confidence in your life as you get clear on exactly what you want and how to get it so you turn your dreams into the life you love – in every way (not just in your relationships, but from your profession to your health and sense of purpose and fulfillment).

The best part: I’ve designed a simple, proven system for unlocking the Universal Laws of Success in your relationships and your professional and personal life.

If you’ve been wondering why you haven’t been able to create the healthy, thriving, and joyous relationships you’d like, I’ll detail for you every single reason, and then give you the keys to creating the relationships YOU desire, no matter how much you’ve failed in the past.

This is a proven process that works!

For example, one of my clients, “Mary,” called me recently. She’d been sober for over seven years but was feeling frustrated, confused, beaten down, and ready to give up on the relationship should been desperately struggling to make work …

Oh, on the surface, yes, she said she did try. But when I gently asked more and more questions, I showed her exactly how, deep down in her subconscious, she really DID NOT make the right choices she needed to be truly authentic with her partner or herself… She wasn’t clear on precisely what she wanted and she let her fears hold her back.

Sound familiar? Isn’t it crazy how often we want change, but actually hold ourselves back?

I know… I’ve been there myself.

The thing is, you’re probably doing the very same thing, right now, each and every day, and sadly not even knowing that you’re doing it.

So, how are YOU sabotaging your ability to create the relationships, to create the life, you desire?!?

Can you relate to any of these excuses?

  • I think I want to stay in my present relationship, but I really don’t know how to make it work, what it can or should look like, or precisely how to go about it.
  • I still find myself struggling to be honest with myself about my own feelings and needs, so how on earth can I be honest with others?
  • I’d love to feel more connected spiritually to my true purpose, but don’t know how.
  • I feel stuck and frozen with fear and don’t know how to move forward on my own.
  • Working on my relationships is just too difficult or painful. I don’t know what I need to do, when or where to start, and I don’t know how I’m going to make it.

The problem is, most people don’t even know about the self-sabotaging behaviors they have… And, even if they DID know about them, they wouldn’t know how to change them!

It’s not your fault you’re still struggling to realize the RELATIONSHIP OF YOUR DREAMS – or that you still aren’t sure exactly what that would look like, or that you know what it looks and feels like and still haven’t achieved it. In fact, this is where we all start out.

We all start at the same point, wondering what our dreams are, what you truly want from our relationships, and then taking our first steps toward creating those relationships; then being met with roadblocks and challenges.

The main difference between those who realize their dreams and those who don’t is the ones who succeed are willing to ask for and accept support and guidance to help them along the way.

Wake Up Recovery is your support system!

You’re about to learn my simple, PROVEN, reliable, and repeatable process, which will take you from wherever you are now (stuck, frustrated, scared, unhappy) to confident and fulfilled as you learn exactly how to define your dream and develop a concrete plan to achieve it.

Here’s just a SAMPLING of what you’ll discover
when you get your hands on my system:

Module 1:

Wake Up Recovery Step #1

Module 1

Increase Your Sense of Worthiness

This module goes beyond the knowing that you are more than your present circumstances. You'll train in the powerful techniques that allow for real change.

You’ll also gain:

  • An introduction to the Law of Attraction and the power you hold, and how you can use these to easily achieve the changes you desire.
  • An understanding of your worthiness without needing the validation or approval of others. You are worthy regardless of whether or not you are giving to others or sacrificing yourself to gain acceptance. Your worthiness is not dependent on anything outside of yourself, but rather through your own self-validation and self-love.

Module 2:

Wake Up Recovery Step #2

Module 2

Find Your Purpose with Intention

The second module takes you deeper into the techniques of getting out of a negative mind-set and turning up the positive frequency.

You’ll also learn the core processes of:

  • How to decipher your "why," organize thoughts about your life purpose, and embrace forward momentum.
  • Discovering a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment, as well as your capacity to feel emotionally connected to yourself from moment to moment, which will enhance all aspects of your life on a very deep level, including your relationships.

Module 3:

Wake Up Recovery Step #3

Module 3

Evolve Your Perceptions

This is where the proverbial rubber meets the road. In this module you’ll learn powerful tools and positive affirmations.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to create, use, and implement positive affirmations and clearly map out your ultimate goals.
  • How to release your faulty perceptions and illusions of other people and situations and become capable of accepting people, places, and things as they are. When you live in the reality of what is, you have a much better opportunity of having healthier relationships by letting go of the fantasy but not the love.

Module 4:

Wake Up Recovery Step #4

Module 4

Befriend Your Fear

This module will help you develop your ability to recognize, face, and manage your fears.

You’ll learn:

  • How to use an effective tool to observe growth and identify your point of power.
  • The importance of Universal Laws, and why and how to use them to shift yourself to gratitude perspectives.
  • How to befriend your fears so you stop entering into inappropriate relationships and accepting unacceptable people, situations, and behaviors out of fear of being left, rejected, unloved or alone. Banishing fear and finding courage to heal or recover from codependency can lead the way to happier, healthier, more fulfilling relationships with others and yourself!

Module 5:

Wake Up Recovery Step #5

Module 5

Live a Life of Authenticity

When you're living authentically, the energy of who you are on the inside is expressed on the outside.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to eliminate negative conscious and subconscious thought patterns, so you can create the relationships and life you love and accomplish all that you desire.
  • The process of meditation and demonstration for a soulful journey.
  • To let go of who you think you should be and step into the authenticity of who you really are. The best way to step into your authentic self is to commit to radical honesty. Stop the stories in your relationships and watch your relationships become more fulfilling.

Module 6:

Wake Up Recovery Step #6

Module 6

Live a Life That Is True to Your Values

This module delves into the core processes of identifying and defining your values and making sure your values are in alignment with your actions and goals.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Explore how values evolve, change, and are influenced by outside factors.
  • Identify and discuss what values impact your life and how when it comes to achieving your goals.
  • Align your relationships with your values so you can stop doing for others what you think you "should" be doing for them and put the focus back on yourself and your core values.

Module 7:

Wake Up Recovery Step #7

Module 7

Live a Life of Right Action

Your actions must truly be in sync with your purpose and goals, and you'll discover the value of directing your energies toward positive action.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn specific meditation techniques to guide you to achieve the results you're looking for with continuous forward momentum.
  • Learn to align your values, thoughts, feelings, and actions so they become integrated and congruent. Once your insides match your outsides, you'll become more open to receiving healthy connections and relationships.

Module 8:

Wake Up Recovery Step #8

Module 8

Learn to Live in Appreciation, Forgiveness, and Compassion

In this module, you'll learn to live in appreciation by not only going inside yourself, but also looking outside yourself to discover what helps others, as well as how to help them in healthy, non-sacrificial ways.

You'll also learn:

  • A focused meditation technique and breathing exercise to connect you through each process of appreciation, forgiveness, and compassion to bring you closer to positivity and creating the relationships and life you desire.
  • How to experience more gratitude in your life so that you become more open to receive more things to be grateful for.

Module 9:

Wake Up Recovery Step #9

Module 9

Live with Awareness and Mindfulness

Living mindfully enables you to live in gratitude each and every moment in whatever way the moment unfolds. This is how you learn to overcome the roadblocks and obstacles you face along your road to success!

In this module, you’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize and cultivate the energy of mindfulness within yourself. Through meditation, you'll discover how mindfulness is able to emerge in your life and can help you achieve both the relationships and life you desire.
  • Become more conscious and aware so that you can stop denying your needs and ignoring your feelings so that you can experience real connection and intimacy, as well as learn to acknowledge who someone really is rather then who you want them to be.

Module 10:

Wake Up Recovery Step #10

Module 10

Let Go of Resistance and Attachments

The final step of the Wake Up Recovery program is learning how to guide yourself and let go of the idea that life "ought to be" a certain way, as well as to let go of resisting what is and who you truly are.

In this module, you’ll learn how to:

  • Celebrate and accept reality rather then hide from it, as well as accept others as they are letting go of the struggle to control everyone and everything around you. This is where freedom exists.
  • Help yourself make the shift to continuing your journey and attracting positivity, as well as create the healthy, loving, thriving, and joyous relationships you desire, by allowing the changes you seek and remaining open to and recognizing opportunities that are even better than you can currently imagine!

What People Are Saying about WAKE UP RECOVERY…

Let Sherry help guide you to conscious hook-ups and relationships as you steer a course toward a more emotionally fulfilling life!

– Melody Beattie, author of Codependent No More

In our work on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab, I’ve seen the amazing connections Sherry makes with those who are so terribly disconnected from others and themselves. But you don’t have to be a celebrity in recovery to benefit from her years of training and experience. Sherry provides a road map for rising above negativity and thinking of yourself, your life, and your purpose in new and inspiring ways.

– Drew Pinsky, M.D.

Thank you Sherry for all of your help. It has been wonderful working with you. My dreams are really coming true do to your confidence in me. I promise I will continue to visualize to reach my potential.

– Deanna Jordan Crosby, Clinical Director New Method Wellness

Wake Up Recovery does exactly what its name signifies. It helps people in recovery to wake up to what actually works to achieve long-term emotional sobriety (which is so different than the long-term abstinence that so many people talk about and espouse.) In my almost 35 years of being recovered, WUR is the first recovery site I have found that has given me and my clients all that we need. Teaching modules, meditations and links to all of the best and newest information available today in recovery. In my opinion, WUR is the BEST investment you can make in your recovery.

– Frank C.

Sherry Gaba has taken her already ground-breaking work on sobriety and codependency to new depths … In my thirty years of recovery, I’ve seen relationship addiction destroy almost as many lives as substance use disorders. The two are not unrelated. The rigorous yet compassionate approach introduced by Sherry will support scores of women to recognize and begin to resolve their deadly obsession with marriage, love, and relationships.

– Dawn Nickel, Ph.D., Creator of She Recovers

It was a pleasure working with Sherry. She’s very helpful and it’s evident that she really wants her clients to succeed. She’s motivated me into a direction that I hadn’t really considered, which will give me the ability to help more people and add more income streams. Thanks so much!

– Karen Fanjoy

Sherry’s Wake Up Recovery has been so helpful. It’s a wonderful series of great questions and makes us face important aspects of ourselves. It’s really helped me help my clients better, as well. Thank you, Sherry!

– Suzka

When Sherry talks I listen. Why? Because she brings together what she has learned from her personal recovery with her rich clinical expertise and experience and shares with us her deep wisdom.

– Allen Berger, Ph.D., author of Love Secrets: Revealed

Thank you for the Wake Up Recovery course and community! To be honest, at first I was kind of skeptical about the nature of the material but you’ve won me over! I appreciate the way you cover many angles of many types of addictions. It’s hard to “land the plane” with specifics on some of these concepts, and I know I’ll be well-served to go through the material a second time.

– Jamey K.

… With equal parts honesty and empowerment, Sherry Gaba shines a light on our addictive behavior in relationships. Best of all, she teaches us how to create the changes we want to make.

– Lisa Sue Woititz, author of Unwelcome Inheritance: Break Your Family's Cycle of Unhealthy Behaviors

Thank you, Sherry, for putting together this excellent program that gave me a WEALTH of resources, guidance, support, loving connection, and life-changing WISDOM.   😊

The Wake Up Recovery program is well-organized, infinitely useful and applicable, motivating, and infused with positive inspiration.

After a shattering divorce, I struggled for years with codependency and love addiction. Working with you has provided me with a sense of direction, purpose, renewed energy, a kind and caring community, and beautiful shared knowledge and experiences.

You are AMAZING, a gift to those looking to overcome our shortcomings, trauma and relationship challenges!

– Anonymous

I think your program is really good and a really supportive community. I really enjoy the phone calls with the other members, and there are just so many resources out there that I feel like I am barely through half of them. You are a really amazing leader and very compassionate and trustworthy.

– Marianne C.

I’m a new member of WUR. I left my narcissistic abuser 2 years ago. However, on my journey to self-healing, I found myself feeling alone and misunderstood even with family and friends around. I am happy to have found this group. A place to release, learn and grow without judgement. Thanks, Sherry!

– Raquel B.

Never give up for me now means never giving up on myself and my desire for authenticity!!! In my last relationship, I spent most of it giving up on myself and spent most of my energy saving him. As the years went on and we both were intermittently being rewarded during the ups then dopamine crashes, the Trauma Bond was solidifying!! I needed support to begin the journey of breaking the bond. I needed support in the initial fear of letting go and feeling raw abandonment, then support around the silence, no longer having him as my distraction. Support around no longer having the addictive hits of the highs and lows. Thank you Sherry and Wake up Recovery for walking alongside me. When I was feeling stuck and having thoughts about letting him “back in,” I would jump into the modules, listen to meditations, and reach out for strength. I can say now, I still have thoughts of what “out there” can make me feel complete… then I remember Nothing!!! I turn inward to see me and hear me say…”He,y hello, I’m here for you sister.” Thank you Wake Up Recovery! 🙏🙏🙏

– Sheila M.

Thank you, Sherry!! I loved the course, I learned so many things about myself, and understood why and how I was doing them. Huge “Aha’s!” for me. I highly recommend your course. You are so supportive and so full of love! I am so glad I made the investment!

– Shelley T.

So now you may be wondering…

“Sherry, how EXACTLY are you going to teach me how to… Define the Relationship of My Dreams, Increase My Awareness, Create a Support System, and Turn My Dreams into Reality… so that I can begin to live my dream and enjoy the kind of relationships and life I’ve always envisioned?”

Great question. And it will be much easier than you may think.

Here’s my answer…

The Wake Up Recovery Program is a COMPLETE RECOVERY COACHING SYSTEM that you can do from the comfort of home. But, much more than this…

Wake Up Recovery is about much more than the comprehensive ten-module program described above… Yes, it will teach you all the tools and processes you need to successfully create the relationships you know are possible. But it will also help you create effective, profound change in your life, as well as provide the support and encouragement you need to succeed!

You see, I am absolutely dedicated to helping you build your dreams and create the relationships and life you want to live. And I’ll be there to hold your hand every step of the way. With this program you’re going to get a cutting edge, interactive course that goes deeper than anything else you can buy.

Here are the SPECIFICS of how we’re going to do this … together:

  • Number 1Each week, you’ll log in to your private membership site where you’ll receive the current Wake Up Recovery lesson in which you’ll learn AND EXPERIENCE cutting edge tools and techniques you can ACTUALLY use, all of which include the professionally recorded audio lesson and weekly guidebook exercises that you can access, and re-access, from any device, at your convenience, anywhere in the world.
  • Number 2You’ll also have access to a growing library of interviews with experts and celebrity guests. Listen to people like Daniel Baldwin, Melody Beattie, and Jack Canfield talk about what’s worked best for them when it comes to transforming a recovery into a life filled with joy, meaning, and purpose.
  • Number 3Plus, you’ll gain access to a growing library of guided meditations to help you on your journey… These meditations can be accessed and downloaded so you have them whenever you need them, whether you need help overcoming a specific challenge or obstacle, or you just need a little extra support, encouragement, or connection.
  • Number 4Plus, you’ll have access to additional tools and resources, such as my 3-part “Spiritual Laws of Transformation” seminar, my 7-lesson “How to Attract Positive Energy” course, and my “Conquer Your Codependency” audio course…
  • Number 5And, perhaps most importantly, you’ll receive ongoing support from me and other Wake Up Recovery community members via access to our LIVE monthly Wake Up Recovery Coaching and Q&A sessions and our private, members-only Facebook group where you can get support and answers to your most burning codependency, relationship, and recovery questions.
  • Number 6And, if all that wasn’t enough… You can actually use the 10 Wake Up Recovery modules with your partner, your family members, and with your own coaching clients! That’s right, by joining the Wake Up Recovery program, you’re gaining access to a transformational system that you can put to work with other people in your life or in your own recovery coaching practice or business!

The catch? You’ve got to invest yourself in this program – heart, mind and spirit
– it’s the only way to build a dream.

So now you’re probably wondering, “What’s this going to cost me?”

Here it is, plain and simple. I’ve been where you are – right on the edge of something greater, something bigger than myself. And I know how good it feels to move forward – to take those steps toward living my dream.

That’s why I don’t have to sit here and tell you that the Wake Up Recovery Program alone is easily worth $497 (which is what I’ve typically charged for it in the past).

I will provide you the tools you need to find your true purpose in life… to reach for your dreams, forge a new path, and create relationships that will be free and clear of obstacles from your codependency.

What is THAT type of information worth to YOU?

Think about it this way: how much will it cost you NOT to enroll in this program, in terms of time spent in discontent, longing for something better but not knowing how to get it? How much will it cost you NOT to enroll, while you continue to live life stuck in your current pattern, with your current way of thinking – which isn’t getting you any closer to your dreams?

How much is it worth to you to learn an entirely new way of thinking that will put you directly in alignment with the abundance of this universe?

Well, today, I’m offering… COMPLETE ACCESS to not just the Wake Up Recovery program, but the growing libraries of interviews and meditations, the additional resources, and access to myself and a community of support you can trust and rely on, for just…


Hiring a personal recovery or life coach can cost you up to $5,000 or more for similar results.

And, when you consider the meditations and interviews (which I typically sell for $9.99 each, if and when I make them available at all), the additional resources (which are worth between $50 and $100 a piece), and access to me (I typically charge at least $150 per hour for my time)…

You’re actually getting access to over $500 worth of relationship-changing AND life-changing content in the first month alone…

All for one low monthly payment of $27!

So, I ask you… Is it worth it?

The experiences of my clients and Wake Up Recovery participants is a resounding, “Yes!”

And, again… If you act today, you can lock in your monthly subscription at the incredibly low rate of only $27/month for as long as you remain an active member.

So, go ahead and take this once in a lifetime opportunity now… While it’s available!

Are you ready to FINALLY start creating and living the relationships and life of your dreams?

It’s just a click away: Click Here to Register

Still not sure if Wake Up Recovery is for you?

100% Guaranteed satisfaction

Your Investment is Protected By My Satisfaction Guarantee

Your investment in the Wake Up Recovery® Program is backed by my 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you're dissatisfied with what you learn inside for any reason at all, simply let me know within the first 30 days, and I'll make sure you're issued a prompt and courteous refund. No hassle and no questions asked.

And your Wake Up Recovery membership is monthly... You may, of course, cancel at any time... Though, I'm confident what you'll learn inside, as well as the ongoing support you'll receive, will be more than worth your modest monthly investment!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Top Questions Answered!

Q: How do I know if this will really work for me?

A: Wake Up Recovery will teach you how to align yourself with the Laws of the Universe. It’s that simple. If you apply the principles I’m going to teach you during this course, they will work for you – because they have to. The Laws of Mathematics always work, right? And so it is with the Laws of the Universe. This will work for everyone who takes the time to learn how to use it properly and expends the energy to practice it. Period.

Q: I’m already enrolled in another coaching program. How will this provide additional help?

A: Not only have I literally written the book on relationship and love addiction AND the book on attracting positive energy for a powerful recovery, but I also continue to practice and live the life of my dreams! I’m constantly honing and testing my dreams, building partnerships in believing, expanding my own codependency and recovery coaching education, and creating the healthy, thriving relationships and life I truly love. So I’m always right there with you – mentally and physically. I’ve been at this for 25 years, and I am absolutely passionate about helping you succeed. That’s my own dream, and that’s what makes my program different.

Q: What if I don’t have the time or money to enroll in your program?

A: Part of realizing and fulfilling your dream is to stop thinking based on your circumstances and start thinking in ideas. Perhaps finding a way to pay for and make time for this course can be your first exercise in creating the relationships and life you desire. Imagine that you did not think it was impossible for you to afford or attend this course. How could you pay for and find time for it?

If you read nothing else, READ THIS…

Here’s something very few people will tell you:

Creating the healthy, thriving, and joyous relationships and life you desire is not as much about willpower and how hard you work at it, as it is about your MINDSET. If you want to start taking powerful steps that work and truly take back your life, you MUST get rid of the negative thoughts, behaviors, and feelings that are holding you back!

The minute you begin clearing these self-sabotaging beliefs, you’ll start creating, experiencing, and living the relationships and life you’ve been longing for – it’s within your reach!

And, it really does take a support network to succeed…

As I’ve said before, the road to recovery can be a profoundly joyous path that provides the confidence and optimism you need to excel in all areas of your life… But, it’s not a path we can take alone.

However, you CAN learn to harness the infinite energy that surrounds us, transform your recovery, and create the relationships and professional and personal life you truly desire!

It’s possible for you to change your life, live your passion and purpose, feel better about yourself as a person, be successful, and be happier than you’ve EVER felt inside.

This is a FACT.

But, all the courses, all the workbooks, all the information, and all the advice and support in the world isn’t worth one thin dime unless you TAKE ACTION.

And, if you need another reason to ACT NOW, know that I’m currently limiting memberships in the Wake Up Recovery Program to the FIRST 500 people who sign up.


Frankly, I want to make sure all of our members get the attention and support they need and deserve. So, once we have 500 members, I’ll be closing the doors… And I can’t say for sure if or when I’ll open them again.

At only $27 per month and with a 30-day, risk-free, money-back guarantee, you literally have NOTHING TO LOSE … Except, of course, the possibility of losing out on the chance to create the loving relationships and abundant life you desire if you don’t take advantage of this opportunity.

So, click one of the buttons below and let’s GET STARTED … I’ll see you inside!

Join Wake Up Recovery Today - Just $27 per Month!
Join Wake Up Recovery Today - Just $270 per Year!

Sherry Gaba, LCSWTo your success,
Sherry Gaba
LCSW, Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Recovery and Transformation Coach

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