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Who is Your Inner Child and How Does It Affect Codependency and Toxic Relationships?

Your inner child is the playful you that existed before you were parentified by growing up in a home that was unsafe either by abandonment, neglect, abuse, or growing up with parents  who were unavailable emotionally and/or physically.  By not growing up being heard and acknowledged, you had no way of developing a sense of self.  No one was mirroring or modeling what an adult’s responsibilities are and that a child’s job is to be a child. You had no idea that adult problems were not your problems and so you took on the burden of issues that your child self did not have the capacity to process.

In this video I share about who is your inner child and how it has affected your adult relationships. You will learn whether or not you have been vulnerable to bringing addicts or narcissists into your life and how your adult self can begin to heal your inner child.

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